Excellence in Teaching Award, Teacher of the Year 2010

The Association For Intercultural Development (AFID) is happy to announce that Prof. Marta Árkossy Ghezzo, member of the scientific board, is recipient of  the Excellence in Teaching Award, Teacher of the Year 2010.

Enabling skills enable a musician to be a musician. They are the fundamental ear, eye, and mind proficiencies, that covering point where singers, instrumentalists, conductors, composers, and theoreticians all must encounter one and the same set of things-to-be-mastered-first-of-all. Marta Ghezzo here provides a work that works. I say this with confident knowledge because I`ve been a witness during its many tests under fire: in classrooms populated by students of distinctly different interests and levels of prior achievement. The results invariably have seemed to me akin to miracle-making.                 

MEL POWELL, Pulitzer Price, 1990

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